Str_get_html cannot load HTML DOM Object

Hae.. I’m back to you guys.

Ok.. Now, i’ll share my experience about Php Simple Html Dom Parser. Yesterday, I interested about crawling data any website. Honestly, I ever do this in the same website but i’m not using Php language. So, i tried to implementation in Php language.

When i’m trying to load any page, i have a problem cause my script can’t show the html dom object. But when i printed out the response in browser, the response  running well as a web page.

I tried to find the solution on Internet and i got the problem. The library has limited the max_file_size from request page. So, we need to increase the max_file_size  from this library. Please, look the script bellow :

//define(‘MAX_FILE_SIZE’, 600000); //around line 66
define(‘MAX_FILE_SIZE’, 100000000); //after

After i changed the max_file_size, my script can run well.




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